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Download Zyphon Handler Vpn For 9mobile Social Me Settings

Many of You might be having difficulties with psiphon frequent disconnection on your Android, ever since the  MTN Bblited daily was blocked,  browsing freely on the internet has not been easy for everybody. So today I bring to you the latest 9mobile Social Me Settings to browse unlimited on  your phone. 

 What you need to do is to subscribe to 9mobile Social  Me Cliq Service, Social  me service is used to access Facebook, viber, instagram, Whatsapp... As a necessity to browse free we decided to tunnel and tweak the 9mobile Social Me plan , to browse and download unlimited. 

Social Me Subscription Code :

-  *343*6*10# => N300

-  *343*6*11# => N500

Today I will be  Introducing to you  a new psiphon handler which you can use to browse faster on 9mobile network without frequent disconnection .
Below Are the steps to setup Zyphon Handler After Subscribing to social me using the codes above :

Download Zyphon Handler Here

Step 2:
Launch Zyphon Handler And configure it by following steps below and also check the images for proper guide :

-Tick Remove Port

-Proxy Type: Real Host

-Proxy Server: www.twitter.com

-Real Proxy Type: inject

-Leave The Rest options And Save

Image Guide: 

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