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Anonytun Pro Apk Download With Premium Servers [English]

 Download Anonytun pro apk with premium servers, this is another english version of anonytun vpn for Android.

 This version comes with three physical servers, which you can select from, which is much more better in case the other ones are slow, you can switch to another server.

 Anonytun pro comes with a black interface, for better user experience, toggle button for switching to premium server with ease.

 Stealth Settings where you can configure the vpn just like the official version.

 Button for connection and disconnection is also available on the vpn, you can use it to quickly connect Anonytun Pro vice versa.

 The Up link indicator is by the right side of the vpn interface while the down link indicator is on the left.

Anonytun pro apk

 Available server locations are United States.., Germany, Netherlands, all are working perfectly without any downtime.

 From the stealth settings you can see some popularly know settings Stealth Tunnel Vpn On/OFF, for turning on the vpn settings.

 Connection protocol which you can choose from HTTP, TCP, SSL.

 Connect via parent proxy, in this section you can add a working Proxy address and port, if you have anyone available working type.

 Custom TCP/Headers can be edited to add URL/host address similar similar to proxy address. Also the request method of this section has nine options to choose from, Injection method has three options. Others include query method extra headers.

Download Anonytun Pro Apk:

 Anonytun Pro 2.6.Apk >>>

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Settings On How To Use Anonytun Pro

  1. After you download the app, open and click on stealth Settings at the top right corner.
  2. Toggle stealth tunnel switch ON to the right, that means you will be able to configure other sub settings as well.
  3. Connection protocol: chose between http, TCP, SSL, but in my case i choose HTTP.
  4. For Connection port, add 8080.
  5. Enable Custom HTTP/TCP Headers and proceed to add the following: 
  6. URL/host: add any web address that your internet service provider allows you to access for free.
  7. Request method: Select between Post and Get options
  8. Query method, if you wish, you can tick any of the options base on which of them will work and support your ISP.
  9. Extra headers, tick online host, user-agent, reverse proxy.
  10. Click on generate button followed by a click to save two times.
  11. Come back to the app main interface, select location, turn on premium, then connect Anonytun Pro.

My Experience With Anonytun Pro

1. Connection is fast.

2. It reconnects immediately after disconnecting.

3. Stream YouTube, Facebook videos or any video available online.

4. It Downloads files faster than before.

5.  There is no daily usage limit, you can download any size of files easily for free.

6. It support both older and new version of android phones.

Note: This English version anonytun pro, originated from this blog, while the app can be used publicly, text and structure of this article may not be reproduced without giving proper credit to the author of Ristechy.com

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