Anonytun Prime Apk V4.0 With Premium Servers

 Anonytun prime Apk V4.0 comes with premium servers, which is the latest mod of Anonytun vpn released in 2018.

 What can be found in Anonytun prime 4.0 is a simple user interface and all the functionality of the VPN has been repositioned to the middle of the app.

 Stealth settings of anonytun prime is still available with new interface too, generating payload has been made easier and the buttons are now responsive like never before.

 The size of the app is still small and runs smoothly and faster, you can now see the speed of a particular sever that you choose and the server icon was also enlarged for clear view.

Anonytun Prime apk V4.0

 The up and down Connection link indicate is now Listed vertically so that you can understand how your Connection run in the background.

  United States, Philippines and Singapore servers were added also, all of them working perfectly without any errors like “Server Busy: Try Again Later”, while using Anonytun Prime premium servers you will need to switch ON in the app buy tapping on the premium button. Remember that, it has similarity with the famous Anonytun pro apk.

 Download Anonytun Prime apk V4.0

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That’s all about Anonytun Prime apk, you can further search on YouTube for settings, they are usually available some specific country’s Internet Service provider, or you can use it has a free VPN to hide your identity and surf anonymously online.


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