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    AnonyTun Prime V3.0 Apk Download With Premium Servers

     Download AnonyTun Prime V3.0 Apk with Premium servers included, this version has been modded to improve speed and connection issues.

     After you install the Anonytun Prime, you will see that it has a black or dark background, with the connection button located in the middle.

     Also there is a switch, which enables you to use the premium servers for free by toggling it ON, apart from that you can choose from the three servers available on Anonytun Prime 3.0 which includes USA, Germany, Netherlands etc.

     The stealth settings menu was changed to a gear icon and it subsequent layout is still intact just some little modifications that was done to give it a new look.


     You can still generate your payloads and use the VPN settings of Anonytun Prime without any bug issues.

     What's New In Anonytun Prime

    - New Interface
    - No more ads pop ups
    - New buttons
    - Small capacity
    - Fast Connection and Disconnection
    - Support all Android phones
    - Can be tethered with PC
    - HTTP, TCP, SSL tunnel options
    - Unlimited bandwidth to browse and download.

    Download Anonytun Prime V3.0 Apk

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